The “Forsaken Ones”

The “Forsaken Ones” is not a pleasant story to tell…….but it is an important one. In this society an underclass exists in which members live a marginalized existence with little hope for a better future. These are people who have been left behind by a society that does not care enough. We refer to these individuals as “the forsaken ones” because of several intertwined variables: how they often see themselves, how they are seen by many in the community at large, and the lack of hope among them that as a society we will act to level the playing field. These images are not meant to be conventional portraits. These are images that were shot at a local soup kitchen which for many serves an all important economic and social function in their lives. It must not be forgotten that soup kitchens are life saving but very difficult places. In the very best of circumstances, they are indeed humbling. We ask only that you look at these difficult portraits, consider the fractured lives they represent, and the injustice that is behind much of this suffering. Perhaps as a result, you will join with others in deciding that this is simply unacceptable.

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