This grouping is an outgrowth of how I approach art exhibitions.  Like everyone else my first inclination is to view a piece from a distance to take it all in and a gain full appreciation of what is in front of me.  But this is only a first step for me.  I am always curious about a particular section of the artwork, however small it maybe.  Sometimes this is the most appealing part of the work.  Other times it may just be a desire to see how this particular section was done.  And at times it can be the part of the work that really stands out as the most interesting and intriguing.  These  images represent that micro, close-up look at artwork selected from museum exhibitions I have attended.   All of this work is outstanding and presented by extremely talented artists both past and present.  Each image is a sincere tribute to the artist involved.  These images are not for sale.  They are only meant to pay homage to some very accomplished individuals.  The name of the artist involved in any of these images is available upon request.  I hope you enjoy this very close-up presentation of great talent

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