Landscape Variations

Like all the great river valleys of the world, the Hudson River valley is ever changing.  Season to season, day to day, moment to moment, it is never quite the same.   Throughout, it is a place of tremendous beauty, magic, and drama. Resulting from this interplay of many climatic, geological, environmental, and man made factors are very special photographic opportunities that are often one of a kind.  Presented here are landscape abstractions created from images captured in this very special place.   Each is an interpretation and/or construction representing a composite of experiences seen or felt while immersed in the natural beauty of this environment.  These images were shot from various sites on the Hudson River estuary itself, as well as by the rivers many tidal pools.  All are other worldly in that they challenge what actually can be real. Fall sunrises, winter fog, and early winter ice all are presented to demonstrate this magic.  Together, they tell the story of a glorious place that has mystified visitors and residents over the centuries.

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