Professional Services

           Welcome to Tigg’sGaragethe new home of Glenn deWitt Photography located at 11 Emerson street in the uptown district of Kingston, New York.  In addition to our existing fine art digital imaging studio,  we now offer a custom professional photographic printing lab. and workspace for matting and framing.  This represents an expansion of our exisiting services to specialize in custom digital printing involving client input throughout the entire process, at affordable prices.   Photography is certainly more accessible now than it has ever been.  Although capturing images has been made very user friendly, image output in terms of high quality fine art prints is not and requires great skill and expensive equipment to achieve that end.  What you get from large photo-printing services is very often substandard.  They do provide the individualized time and attention to produce the quality of print that you expect and deserve.  Most large printing services are not set up for that type of work and if it is provided, the cost is prohibitive. 


            At Tigg’sGarage, we do things differently.  Our mission is to provide in professional studio imaging and printing services on a small scale at the highest of standards.  Please see presented below, the specifics of the services that we offer ;


     – in-studio portrait and still photography

     – art work archiviing

     – custom fine art printing

     – matting and framing planning and assembly

     – portfolio and exhibition advisement and consultation

     – tutorial services in all aspects of photography

     – headshots



          The difference at Tigg’sGarage is the time, care, and level of expertise that goes into every project.  This is a professional studio that sets high expectations for what we do.  Our work is billed by the hour, we do not waste time, and our prices can not be beat for the quality you receive!!  If you are a hobbyist, amateur photographer, or emerging professional, we can meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss if and how we can help.  We look forward to working with you. 


                                                                                                                                                        thank you…………glenn deWitt