Glenn deWitt

Solo Exhibition…………..Landscape Variations

Small Works…….Affordable Fine Art

Arts Society of Kingston

97 Broadway, Kingston, New York
Historic Rondout District


May 5th-31st, 2018
Opening Reception, May 5th, 5-8PM


 Landscape Variations……………………. Exhibition Statement

Like all the great river valleys of the world, the Hudson River valley is ever changing. Season to season, day to day, moment to moment, it is never quite the same. Throughout, it is a place of tremendous beauty, magic, and drama. Resulting from this interplay of many climatic, geological, environmental, and man made factors are very special photographic opportunities that are often one of a kind. Presented here are landscape abstractions created from images captured in this very special place. Each is an interpretation and/or construction representing a composite of experiences seen or felt while immersed in the natural beauty of this environment. These images were shot from various sites on the Hudson River estuary itself, as well as by the rivers many tidal pools. All are other worldly in that they challenge what actually can be real. Fall sunrises, winter fog, and early winter ice all are presented to demonstrate this magic. Together, they tell the story of a glorious place that has mystified visitors and residents over the centuries.



Project Overview:   We all die……..a reality!  For the vast majority of us, we pass quietly leaving little that establishes authenticity in who we really were or what our lives were all about.  Most of us are fortunate enough to be remembered or memorialized.  But in the end, we manage to have little control over what makes up this memory or memorial.  Generally it is left to others to piece together without our input or consideration.  What is said, although well-intended may not truly represent the essence of who we were.  And in fact this may be on us, since we never took the time to share with others what we were really all about. Indeed, the pictures that are left behind are typically not self-portraits that make a statement as to who we were.  Even in the age of selfies, how many of these truly are well thoughtout expressions of our inner selfs.  How often are they serious portrayals?  More typically they are moments in time that when gathered together may or may not express our true selves and how we would like to be remembered.  My premise in this project is that more often than not, with our passsing go many of the unspoken realities of how we saw ourselves and who we were.

So why not once in your life, before it is over, take the opportunity to establish your own legacy of who you are or have been up until this moment in time.  Why not create the “selfie” or in this case portrait that portrays you as you want to be seen and remembered.  Why not create the statement that truly sums up what you are all about; how you really feel, see the world, honestly think, and want others to remember you by.  Why does your lasting image or memory have to be a piecemeal product of others who believed that they really knew you.  You were here, for however many years you are lucky enough to have; why shouldn’t you have the last word, just for once?

This photographic project is obviously autobiographical in nature.  Participants selected will have a professional studio portrait done of themselves based on how they want to be seen and remembered.  Everything is on the table and fair game as far as the portrait is concerned.  It will originate and be directed by you.  My role as the photographer will simply be to capture in a professional way what you have created.  In addition to the portrait, paticipants will be required to compose a statement which reflects what they really want to say or have known about who they are.  Again, everything is fair game.  The statement has to take advantage of the opportunity to establish along with the portrait, the essence of what you want your memory to be.

Things You Should Know:  This is a professional fine art/photojournalistic project.  The intention is for this work to be exhibited and hopefully end up as a book.  All those who participate must sign a formal release indicating that they understand the nature of this project, its intention and the reality that both their portrait and image may be use for the above purposes.  No one should ask to participate in this work if they are uncomfortable with what this project is all about.  If you are selected for the final phase of this project, your image and statement will be viewed  by many people as a part as the gallery and social media promotion of this work.

There are three phases to getting involved with this project.  First you apply by email including a recent photo and a rough draft of your statement.  Second, if you are asked to participate, you visit my studio for a portrait session and to finalize your statement.  The third phase is the final selection of participants based on the portraits and the statements.  THERE IS NO COST TO YOU AT ANY TIME!!  YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE NO MONETARY COMPENSATION FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!!  What you will receive is this;  if you are asked to come to the studio in phase two, you will get a 8×10 professionally done portrait of your sitting, even if you are not selected for the final phase.  If you are selected for phase three, your portrait will be 17×22 and again professionally done.  you also will be invited to all gallery openings and have the opportunity to purchase the published book at a 50%  discount.

At the time you apply and are accepted into phase two, more project details will be available and all your questions and concerns addressed.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in a memorable, empowering experience that will in it’s own way establish a legacy that you will be apart of.  After reading this overview, it is hoped that to take the opportunity to apply.  Please note that you must have proof of age (18 and over).  Anyone applying who is younger must have written parental consent to participate.

Thank you…………glenn deWitt