“A Day in the Park”

When we were kids, a visit to the park meant one thing; it was time to play and romp.  Growing older and as our lives unfolded, a visit to the park is a much different thing.  It may be a time to rest from, reflect on or sort through the complexities that age and experience has brought.  The individuals in this image grouping may have been having such an experience in the park that day.  There is honesty no way to really tell and there is no reason to speculate.  Their presence and their look were mesmerizing to me.  Perhaps it was the empathy felt for the solitude of their experience, or perhaps their facial expression, body language or overall vibe that they were giving out.  Undoubtedly, each left me with a sense of wonder.  What was that visit all about?  With no right to have asked, and okay with never knowing, I can only wish them contentment,  good fortune, and more beautiful days in the park. 

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